Subdivisions / Property Development.

Subdivisions / Property Development.

At Curtis Gant Betts Solicitors we are experienced in working alongside Developers, Surveyors and environmental planning consultants in order to assist with both residential and rural subdivisions.

Subdivisions & Property Development.

By working collaboratively in these areas we aim to reduce time constraints and red tape associated with property development matters. From an early stage we look to provide clarity in designating the roles of all relevant stakeholders and personnel to move as efficiently as possible throughout the process which can involve both Local and State Government approval consents.

The key components of the property development and subdivision process that we can assist you with include the following:

  • drafting contracts
  • reviewing plans
  • preparation of Section 88B Instruments
  • working with surveyors and stakeholders
  • drafting any necessary easements
  • covenants
  • restrictions on title
  • implementing building envelopes or other encumbrances
  • satisfying requisitions or directions of Council or, if relevant, State Environmental planning directions.

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